who started to eat cake;

  first two days of eating the dumplings;

  three days of eating snails;

  fourth day hold wormwood;

  fifth day to eat one day.

  singing the song is not very harmonious rhymes, ushered in the dragon boat festival. dragon boat festival is a traditional festival, there are so many in putian, a discordant rhymes, they opened the dragon boat festival in may who started the prologue. from grade started getting busy every household in preparation for the dragon boat festival of supplies, although not many, most people's natural to be envious of the food is the dragon boat festival.

  mentioning the dragon boat festival, the first thought is to take the dumplings. delicate dumplings look cute and sweet with salty. i am not interested in meat-son but being fond of glutinous rice dumpling, especially inside the big dates, make yourself at home is always a big package. the aroma of rice straw mixed with strands of egg refreshing fragrance leaves, a bite in his mouth, the more the more you ziwei chewing. every over the dragon boat festival, grandma moving to rice dumplings wrapped in n-grand i only chanmao oral. shouted the street, there are everywhere, but the dumplings sold much smaller than the home, but expensive, glutinous rice dumplings in the dates are not great, looks like a large peanut inserted both on the matter. and sometimes tempts, and on the road, the street to buy a yangkeng, but never had the kind of fragrance.

  in addition to delicious dumplings, the wear new clothes is also a big beauty. grass with the flavors cook a pot of hot water bath, then put on new clothes, it is particularly refreshing. while i was still wearing the clothes through n times, but still can not resist the smell.

  here we see not see game dragon boat festival is a great pity. but we soon found a new fun activity - the egg drop contest. dragon's egg is no longer for eating, but brought to drop, or 22 more than anyone else bumped hard, there are or were used as bullets, aiming and shooting. when the egg drop contest ended, the wound, leaving only the floor, an foul, indeed endless joy.

  dragon boat festival, my mother would meticulously woven cord with stud basket, according to previous custom, compiled eight layers, grandmother cooked eggs out after 3 months the most smooth. put a bottom, followed by peach. each is 3, with 6 layers. layer 2 is a step tiger is the care of these things. last hanging at the door, in accordance with the elders said to commemorate qu yuan. take down, put baskets collated in a box, and than her sister was born early reunion.

  the food on the fifth day of the enjoyment of the day, the dragon boat festival on the smooth closed.















  The Dragon Boat Festival is here! Our family specially bought a box of zongzi to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. I tasted the delicious dumplings with relish, and said, "it's delicious. I hope it's Dragon Boat Festival every day." As soon as I heard it, I heard my mother screaming in the whole building, and my father and I hurried over.

  She pointed to the door of a room and said in horror, "what's going on?" My father and I looked at each other in the door, and we were frightened. Oh my god! The room was full of small boxes of rice dumplings! I quickly pinched myself, "ouch, it hurts me... it doesn't look like a dream..."

  "You go! Mom and dad looked at each other, and they pushed me into the sea of rice.

  "Coward! As I complained, I looked at the dumplings box. See box impressively write letters "thor" brand rice dumplings ", then the following is a modelling "god", followed by the words "accidentally LeiOu LeiOu LeiOu ray..." I am stunned, this is the legend of "thor"!

  In order to solve this unexpected guest, "thor zongzi", my parents and I visited our relatives and sent zongzi. The people in the house were embarrassed to ask for it. There is a lot of zongzi left, and the pile is as high as the mountain.

  In order to get a normal routine, retake the room which is occupied by zongzi. I was forced to be a peddler. Finish your homework every day and sell zongzi. But the Dragon Boat Festival is over. I buried in a pile of rice dumplings, past people whispering in front of the rice dumplings, "the child is really poor, which good intention, send her dumplings a few boxes to the junkyard..." I sweat like a rain.

  For the sake of learning step mom over my "vendor lives", she told me a face of heavy consequences - that is, three meals a day every day must add 2 big rice dumplings!

  This decision caused me to start rolling in my stomach with the word "zongzi" or "the word". But that big pile of dumplings is still missing...

  The next Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and we are still struggling with zongzi. This is the "zongzi war" in our legend. The dumplings seem to be eating and eating.

  As one of our family was in despair, one of them sang "the occasional thunderer." (?) After listening to the lyrics, how do you know? Oh, my god! Thor! This image has penetrated my heart. I saw him roar at once: "I don't want the dumplings in the room!!" In a flash, those "thor dumplings" disappeared. I breathed a sigh of relief, and finally I didn't have to suffer any more.

  The next Dragon Boat Festival eve. My father came home with a big box of zongzi, and I watched the scene, standing silently for a long time, then falling on the ground like a piece of paper. Before I fainted, I slowly said, "I don't want to eat..." Thor: "dumplings..."

  Then he fainted in the ground.

  Dad looked at me and said slowly, "this is the zongzi this year."









  The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and I am waiting for...

  Dragon boat racing is the main custom of the Dragon Boat Festival. In ancient times, the people of the state of chu were not allowed to condescend to the river, and many people rowed to the rescue. They rushed to the lake and disappeared. The dragon boat is then on May 5 each year. Use the dragon boat to disperse the fish in the river, so as not to eat the body of qu yuan.

  We are going to eat zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a traditional custom of the Chinese people. Zongzi is officially designated as a food for the Dragon Boat Festival. At this time, the raw material except glutinous rice zongzi, add Chinese traditional medicine fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae, boiled dumplings "puzzle in the reed meters doping, chestnut, jujube, red bean, etc., variety. Zongzi is also used as a gift.

  The famous ai, mugwort. Its stems and leaves contain volatile aromatic oils. It produces strange aromas, repellent flies, insect ants, purifying the air. Calamus is a perennial aquatic herb with long, narrow leaves that also contain volatile aromatic oils, a drug that refrezes the mind, kills bones and kills insects

  It is seen that the ancients had certain protection against disease. "Health day" in the Dragon Boat Festival is also a tradition since ancient times, people in this day cleaning the yard, hanging YiZhi, dangerous calamus, sprinkles realgar water, drink realgar wine, conserving IP turbidity, prevention of sterilization. These activities also reflect the fine traditions of the Chinese nation.

  In the tang dynasty, the rice dumplings were "white and white," and the shape of the zongzi was conical and diamond shaped. Zongzi package material has been from wild rice leaf changes to reed leaves, then appeared in reed leaves package dumplings, additives have bean paste, pork, pine nuts, dates, walnut and so on, varieties more rich and colorful.

  As of today, every year in early may, the Chinese people will soak glutinous rice, wash zongzi and make zongzi, and they will have more variety. From the filling, the Beijing date zongzi, which is covered in the north, is covered with jujube. In the south, there is a variety of fillings such as bean paste, fresh meat, ham and egg yolk, which is represented by jiaxing zongzi in zhejiang province.