Today is mother's day. I think my mother is so hard, and today she is ill. I should do more on this mother's day to make my mother happy. Yes, I should buy a gift for my mother today and do some housework. I decided to act now. At first, I took my pocket money to buy a gift -- a card.

  I walked out of my house and looked at a few shops, but none of these shops were selling CARDS. How to do? Looking for! I walked on again. I want to find a card today. I went to a small shop, and I saw that there were CARDS in it. Well, finally I found it. I went into the store and picked it up.

  I asked the shopkeeper to bring out all kinds of CARDS. I picked it one by one. Finally I found a satisfactory * card. The card is very beautiful, and it has a beautiful music on the open. Great! So I asked the boss, "how much is it?" The boss and the owner say: "kid, not expensive, five dollars a piece." B: I think so. Money is really inexpensive. I paid for the card and went home.

  When I got home, I saw my mother lying in bed. So I started doing housework. I took the broom and swept it all over. Then I mop the floor again. After a while, I took the mop down to the tap. By the time I had finished, my mother was awake. She smiled when she saw the clean and tidy room. I quickly put down the mop and brought the card, handed it to mom with both hands, and said loudly, "happy mother's day!" "Mother said," tao tao, the card is not important. What matters is your study, as long as you do well, I will be happy!" I said, "mom, I know. I will study hard and get full marks for the second time."






  Today is mother's day, the morning and immediately to the mother say: "happy holidays!" Baby, my mother is delighted to answer "thank you!" .

  After breakfast, my mother accompany me to the children's activity center in guangzhou on the cake. Actually, mom work is very busy, but she always try to spare some time to accompany me to class, and in the same class, and my mother I am very happy, always secretly see mother in class, the in the mind feel fruity; While mom is always very carefully to the teacher and take notes. Later I will learn from mother, paying attention in class.

  In the evening, I to grandpa said: "today is a holiday for mother, grandpa, please help me, cook for mother to eat together!" Then, with the help of my grandpa, my Fried tomato and celery, mother took a sip, immediately said: "the baby to do the food is so delicious!" See mother love to eat the food I make, I am very happy, oneself also shoveled to eat.

  Today, I secretly determined, want to use practical action to let mother happy: study hard, serious to have a meal, do not drag, go to bed on time.






  Today is mother's day, I gave mother a box packaging delicate biscuits, I also made a beautiful card carefully, I use the rope tied card on cookies, I do a line of words written on the card is "I wish mom happy holidays" oh, it's the best of both worlds, perfect!

  After a while, after I showed my mother, the mother said: "son, you finally understand." I listen to the mother of the words I can be happy.

  When mother father holiday I will give them a big surprise, let mom dad happy, happy, happy.










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